Monday, June 25, 2007

Recommended for all ages

A wicked storm did blow over the little town of Austin today, and yea but a mighty bolt of lightning from the heavens did strike a transformer near mine office building. Were that transformer autobot or decepticon I know not, but I tell ye now that every bit of illumination within the walls of mine office building, both fluorescent light and computer monitor alike, did fall into darkness in one fell swoop. And lo but the cubicle dwellers did cry out in anguish, their howls of torment reaching up, up, ever heavenward towards a God that cared not if their documents were saved or if they were lost.

So that was one of the more interesting parts of my workday. I'll stop talking like that now.

I arrived home to the greetings of a little boy who wanted to play some chase. This is our game ever since Henry started running, chasing each other from one end of the condo to another. Who's chasing who changes fluidly and without hesitation. When GooGoo's chasing me, it often turns into hide n' seek, with me hiding and him finding me, always with a squeal of delight followed by lots of tickling. The dog seems to think it's his duty to narc me out when I'm hiding. Sellout.

Sidenote: my kid is running. With speed and reckless abandon. Holy cheezburger.

The games of chase have taken a difficult turn as of late, though. Difficult for me, anyway. See, for a while there, GooGoo liked to chase after me while pulling or pushing one of his pull or push toys. Now though, he demands that I pull or push the toy while I chase him. And seeing as how those things are designed for people around the 2 foot height range, I find myself running around while hunched over quite a bit. Not so great for the back.

But lo, it does make the boy child happy.


CamiKaos said...

gotta love those popping gumball vacuum things... they haven't chanded a bit since I was a kid... and as an added bonus, they're just as loud as ever!

Whit said...

Wait until you have two, then they chase each other. It's much easier on the back.

Island Girl said...

Lo, this post was gorgeous! You guys are all so sweet!

But perhaps I should wean myself away from all this Daddy Crack. I've heard that labor involves much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Jason said...

The things we do for the kiddo(s). Sounds like you need to buy Henry some toys with longer handles.

radioactive girl said...

We still chase each other around, and my kids are 9, 7, 7, and 3. Thankfully I don't have to hunch over any toys anymore, but they are way fast now. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

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Quirkee James said...

I'm ready for a rain break!

I found your blog again after coming across Whit's. I saw you guys on DadBloggers many months ago. I linked to you on my blog and joined your MyBlogLog community so I don't lose you again!

Love the Father's Day cartoon.

Quirkee James

Sheil said...

My little man has me hold him while moms chases us both. He goes absolutely ape shit crazy with laughter when we start to run and even has the audacity to say how tired he is after 15 minutes of "chase"