Monday, June 04, 2007

Real Quick: Mundanity, or rather mundaneness, over yonder horizon

So real quick: this coming Friday, The Holmes is playing host the the Carnival of the Mundane. What is this carnival madness, you ask? And furthermore, how did the most virtuous and upright Holmes get involved with a pack of dirty carnies? Well if you must know, check out some of the past carnivals, as well as the carnival's guidelines. It's a fun way to find out about some other cool bloggers out there, and also get a few more folks over to your site. So what I need from you good bloggers are your very own blog posts that you would like to submit for this Friday's carnival. Just send your links to me via eeeemail at tarv six six six (in numeric format) at gmail d0t c0m. The theme is there is no theme. The prerequisites are that you've written a blog post since the last blue moon. Don't leave me hangin folks, I don't wanna be the Carnival host who only has one bearded lady and a broken down ferris wheel to offer his guests. Hurry hurry hurry step right up!

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