Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doings of the young man as of late

Henry's got a thing about containers and shuffling the contents of one to another, particularly when those contents are liquid. Today, I watched him pour some water from his water bottle into his little red wagon, then lift the wagon to his lips and drink the water from there. I guess sometimes the easy way isn't the fun way.

When I was young and I heard adults talk about how fast kids grow up, I thought they were full of shit because it seemed to me as if I couldn't get grown up fast enough. Being a kid felt like a long drawn-out pain in the ass. And of course, now's the part in my little narrative where I tell you about how I see things differently now that I'm on the other side of the generational divide. It seems such a cliche thing to say but it's so damn true. It seems like Henry does new and amazing stuff everyday that I don't manage to get down in writing. I suppose I have this idea that I'll have this blog to look back on in my old age as a record of what was going on in our lives all those years ago, but who knows, maybe, hopefully I'll still be too busy with the present to spend too much time on the past.

I will say that Henry's in this language phase now that I already know I'm going to miss when it's gone. It's as if he's taking all the words he knows and trying them out in combinations to see how they sound together. By far, the best of these combos is "doodoo-mao." To explain: Doodoo is Henry's name for his crazy great aunt from New Orleans, a name he came up with all on his own, lest ye think we were calling her names. And mao (as in Tse-Tung) is his word for cats, a word he settled on after hearing a cat talk its talk. How doodoo and mao came together is a mystery for the ages, but together they are.

There's also this love affair with cars that's brewing. When we walk out to our car, he points and shouts "tacah!" Cars drive by us on the street. "Tacah!" He sees the car out the window. "Tacah! Tacah!" It could be that he inherited the love of all things mechanical that seems to run in his mom's side of the family. He sure as hell didn't get it from me. He loves cars so much that we even bought him one. Yes, I know, spoiling our child with a fancy car before he even has a license, contributing to the ruination of today's youth. It could be that the car is one of the best places to rock out. Just tonight, the little guy got to hear that kickass new White Stripes song for the first time, and he banged his little head as much as his car seat would let him.


Whit said...

They grow up fast? Preachin' to the choir my friend.

Water always tastes better from a wagon, didn't you know that?

Jason said...

My daughter is a big talker, too. She knows some words that have meanings, but she talks a mile a minute in her baby talk. I told my wife I'm going to be disappointed when she is talking, I love listening to her gibberish.

I agree on the growing up too fast thing, it's true! I thought that was a load when I was little too.

radioactive girl said...

I always feel so old when I say things like that about them growing up so fast, but it is true! In some ways it seems like I had each of my kids just yesterday, but in other ways it seems like they have been with me forever. It really is crazy how your perspective on time changes from when you are a kid to when you have the kids.

The Godfather said...

I don't kow if I would have had this reaction without your post. But when I saw the pictures af Henry, I immediately thought of how much he's changed since I last saw him.

Aunt Keke and I need to haul ass to Austin. And, soon!