Friday, June 29, 2007

Breyer's Dissent

So there was a nice bit of a back and forth over at Tim's blog today about public schools, all of which was spawned by the Supreme Court's recent decision. I don't think there were any disagreements over the meat of the case, but more over the whole subject of education in general. Regarding the actual case though, I ran across a link to Justice Breyer's dissent, which I highly recommend you read. Over a glass of single malt scotch, of course. It's long (it was written by a Supreme Court Justice after all) but worth it. It's as if, in his frustration, Breyer felt the need to educate his esteemed colleagues about the history of Brown v. Board of Education. And educate he does.

We now return you to stupid cartoons, random observations, and cute things my kid does. Oh, and this barely-related video of my favorite band ever:

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Quirkee James said...

Hey Holmes, you and I are destined to become great friends. I saw RATM on my birthday at Southpark Meadows in 1998(?). One of the best shows ever. My skinny ass jumped in the mosh and got busted in the eye.

Good times!