Saturday, January 06, 2007

Words, games, pictures, stuff...oh, and a Christmas wrapup that I hadn't intended to include when I started writing this post

Little dude's added a few new favorite words to his vocabulary as of late:

Baw - As in "ball." As in "look at this round object I'm holding!" As in "Dad's home! Let's play baw!" Since he figured out how to throw, every day lately when I get home from work, Henry wants to play ball, whether it's tossing it back and forth or letting me hold him while he throws it on the floor to watch it bounce and then let me catch it. One of his favorite Christmas presents was a new bouncy ball. Those are some of those "this whole dad thing is easy" times.

Bah - As in "bye." As in "looks like somebody's walking out the door." Only subtly different in pronunciation from "baw" but definitely different. Like "bye" with a southern twang.

Doonn - As in "down." As in "I want on the floor NOW." This is typically accompanied by an unexpected flinging of all limbs towards the floor, as if to force you to drop him. Unfortunately, many of his doonn requests come when standing over some seriously gross floors.

Baby - As in "baby." As in "I'm a baby and it's cute when I say 'baby' so gimme a dollar."

Not much profanity yet. He said "beeyah" but thankfully only once, and there were a few days where he was going around mumbling "damdamdamdam" all over the place, but that blessedly came to an end.

Also got some new favorite games, in addition of course to baw. There's a fun one called "Dehydrate The Dog", which involves trying to splash all the water out of the dog's waterbowl as quickly as possible. Fun for babies, but can only be played when lame parents aren't paying attention. There's also "Everything is Mount Everest" which involves attempting to climb everything. And the less destructive but no less enjoyable "ABC Dance" which is just baby-dancing (rocking back and forth on his knees while smiling) while his new toy frog that he got for Christmas from Grandmother sings the ABC's at him.

Speaking of Christmas, here's a few pics of the day for posterity:

Reminds of Stewie from "Family Guy" in this one.

Discovery of the ABC Dance Frog.

Learning proper disrespect for the camera. Soon he'll be flipping the bird at every lens he sees.

A moment of peace in mom's new sling. I love this picture.

And finally, here's what happens when a baby gets tired of being the center of attention:

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