Friday, January 26, 2007


I'm looking back at last night's post, and I gotta say, I'm not all that excited about how pissed off I was. It can't be that healthy to get that angry about something that I only heard about secondhand, and that ultimately isn't that big a deal. The guy probably made himself look like more of an ass to the rest of the restaurant patrons...but even if not...ah well.

I guess the larger point is the example I'll set for my son. As young as he is, I'm still conscious of the fact that he's watching me, spying everything I do, and he don't need a warrant to do it. I don't want "angry dad" to be the example he sees.

We must be doing something right on this front though, because Henry's been doing something really cool lately. See, I'd been harboring a theory that our dog Elliott must have been a truly evil bastard in a past life. This was based on the beatings he'd been taking at the hands of our son. Poor dog was being real patient about it, but damn, he was getting beat like Chuck Norris in the ring with Bruce Lee. It's not that Henry doesn't like the dog, he loves him, but he's a baby, whaddaya expect? We tried to show him how to pet the dog nicely anytime he smacked the dog's hide. We'd show him "nice touch, nice touch", and he'd watch and smile and then POW! Poor dog.

But the other day, I look down at Henry who's sitting near the dog as per usual, and he's petting him! Nicely! Holy--! I about jumped through the ceiling. Maybe it's one of those had-to-be-there things, but it was really cool. I felt like little dude had taken his first step down the road of being a compassionate human being.

Hangin in Elliott's crib

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Whit said...

Say that shit to Chuck Norris' face!