Thursday, January 11, 2007

Game on, dog

Have I mentioned The Boy's obsession with playing ball? Oh yeah, right. Seriously though, last night I got home from rehearsal, and as soon as I walk in, little dude's sitting there ball in hand. "Baw!" he says, and bounces it right over to me. Game on old man.

He tries playing ball with the dog sometimes, but as you can see, Elliott ain't so hot with the actual fetching part of fetch.

It's cool though, 'cause I sure don't mind playing. I like this game much better than the one where he takes things out of containers and then puts them in other containers and then puts other things in other containers, rinse, repeat. I mean, it's fun to watch, but since I'm a reluctoneat*, I can't quite bring myself to join in on that one too much other than to pick up the mess left in his wake.

And yes, I mentioned rehearsal above. Not one month after retiring from the ranks of Loaded Gun Theory, I seem to have gotten myself cast in a Frontera Fest piece. Which is cool, it's only a 15 minute play, so a nice chill rehearsal schedule, and I get to take one more turn on the stage before getting busy with school.

*One who is a neat freak, but wishes like hell that they were not. Oh why God, why?

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Whit said...

I love when the dogs start to carry their weight and help watch the kids, ala Nana (Peter Pan). Now if the cats would do the dishes. . .