Friday, February 17, 2006

The Acceptance Of A Very Minor Dare

by T. Amon Holmes
Nighttime. The Holmes and The Ash sit on the couch watching TV. The Holmes holds The Baby Henry.
THE ASH: Are you as excited about Brangelina as I am?
THE ASH: I dare you to ask that to people at work tomorrow.
The sun comes up. The Ash and The Baby Henry immediately go to sleep. The Holmes rises and enters an elevator, followed by several coworkers. The doors close and the group rides up in silence. Silence. Beautiful delicious virginal silence.
THE HOLMES: So are you guys as excited about Brangelina as I am?
Coworkers display everything from curiosity to surprise to horror. The elevator reaches its floor and the doors open. Everybody out. Whispers of "what did he say?" and "what's Brangelina" can be heard.
the end

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