Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pictures to prove it

So we turned Henry loose with our old old digital camera. The results were nothing short of fucking art:Note the deep reds of the fingers captured through the technique of placing them extremely close to the lens, obscuring most of the picture beyond, suggesting perhaps that as human beings, we are often unable to see beyond the blood in our own hands. Brilliant.

Of course, there were some rather frightening entries in his portfolio, like this one:

Perhaps the lumbering beast is dreaming of a letter that will come through that mailslot in the background. Such striking composition, and a bold move focusing on a subject so badly in need of a shave.

Little Simon AKA Turtle AKA Chubb isn't snapping any pictures yet, but he has learned what to do when the camera is turned on him:


Anonymous said...

Wow, the little Holmes does know what to do for the camera.

Jeff said...

Those are way cool pictures. Of course if that one was of me sleeping, my mouth would be wide open and I'd be drooling a river.

sybil law said...

Really, those first 6 pictures would look great blown up and arranged like that in a frame on the wall!
Henry rocks the camera!
And Simon - my GOD what a freaking cutie!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yes - be glad you did not have any boogers in your nose! Haha

Quirkee James said...

They are naturals behind and in front of the camera!

Bubblewench said...

That would be a cool set of photos! Saw the super cutie chubber over at yer mama says already.. so that wasn't a shocker..

ever hear of a razor? or at least a beard trimmer?

yer mama said...

wife likes the man-hair.

Dan said...

Now that's a smile.