Monday, March 24, 2008

The kids like to party

Between kid's birthday parties featuring egg hunts, egg hunts coupled with feasts, feasts accompanied by bottles of wine, visits from one grandmother while taking care of the other grandmother's dog, it was one of those weekends that managed to be extremely full and yet somehow still low stress. Whenever weekends are full, I tend to complain about not having any downtime, whereas when weekends are completely unscheduled, I complain that we never do anything. I'm just impossible to please.

Saturday morning found us at the party for the second birthday for Henry's friend Stella. It's a lot of fun having friends whose kids are around the same age as our own. Indeed, watching toddlers interact is one of the true joys of being alive.
Seeing as how it was bunny weekend and all, there was an egg hunt.And as the party wound down, the goodbyes got a bit emotional.

And that was just Saturday morning. That afternoon, the boyos got a visit from Grandma and Great Aunt Holmes.
Can you tell my mom is in total baby heaven here? Yep, she is.

Sunday found us at not one, but two feasts, the first of which featured only the children brought by us. This meant that all those pesky eggs had to be handled by Henry and Henry alone.The second feast featured the same crowd of parents and children that had been at the previous day's birthday party, except that since it was evening instead of morning, and Easter instead of Stella's birthday, we were free to pop open the wine.


Whit said...

That all looks fun and great, but why couldn't you drink wine on Easter? Is my family going to hell?

radioactive girl said...

Don't you sometimes wonder what the kids are thinking about all the hidden eggs? It is definitely fun, but I wonder what their thought process is about that.

sybil law said...

Love the whole post!!!

Keith said...

Nothing like an actual low-stress AND fun Saturday. They are few, but they do happen. Talking eggs are awesome!