Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Memories are made out of now

It's really funny to be writing down the grocery list that your wife has emailed you and suddenly realize that in your head, you've been saying each item the way your toddler says it.

blueberries...blues!, beans!

All these little things, the way he talks, his little quirks...

The way he points at an airplane as it flies over and yells his word for plane, "beam!", and then waves to it after it's flown off.

The way he walks backwards and says "beep, beep, beep!"

How when we drop him off at his grandparents, he lets us know in no uncertain terms that he'd like us to leave by forcefully yelling "bye-bye!" over and over. Does the same thing when he's pooping and wants privacy.

The way he'll sit on the sidewalk and push the little bumps in the cement like they're buttons.

The way he lets me know that he'd rather not hold hands by putting both of his arms straight out behind him, as if he's going to take flight.

The way he yells hi to strangers.

They bring us so much delight every day. I almost can't stand it sometimes, and I never want to forget a bit of it.


Rachel said...

I love that he says "beep beep beep" when he backs up. Cute.

I'm always a little sad when my daughter learns to pronounce words correctly.

Whit said...

don't worry, you'll have an instant reply soon enough

Anonymous said...

Hahnee, huh?

Yeah, maybe.

"Oh, Mr. Hahnee!"

Has a nice ring to it. I'll have to think about it.

Dana said...

My son is 11 and we still say some things like he used to.
Like, It's hot = i haaaaaaawt

Jenn C. said...

You're the coolest dad I know. Thanks for sharing your son's delightful vocab & idiosyncrasies.

radioactive girl said...

I completely agree. Wait until one day when he suddenly says a word the correct way after saying it wrong for so long. My son used to say "michaelmo" for motorcycle and then one day just said the word motorcycle. It made me both sad and happy. I do want him to grow up, just not quite yet!