Monday, August 27, 2007

I am the Awesome

At least according to fellow Austin blogger Quirkee James I am. For you see, he has bestowed upon me this little beauty:

And really, how could I turn down such a perfect award? It includes two words that I've been overusing for almost twenty years, one of my favorite hand signals, and my favorite guitar, the beautiful Gibson SG. If I could have one in every color of the rainbow, well, I'd maybe sell you the yellow one. As it is, my status as guitarist lies safely in the amateur realm, so I content myself with the cheaper Epiphone version.

So it is now my job to pass this award on to another awesome dude blogger. I'm assuming that the use of the term "dude" here is gender neutral, especially since I label both guys and dolls as dudes on a nearly daily basis (see aforementioned overuse of certain words). To do so, I believe it is customary to hold some sort of contest on one's blog. If I hadn't just done the caption contest thing in the previous blog, I would go that route, but alas, I can't bring myself to do two caption contests in a row. Thus, I'm going to try something slightly more complicated. I may be shooting myself in the foot here, as the complexity may scare some folks off, and I might just have to give this here award away. But for those of you not frightened of a completely pointless challenge, here is your task: we all know that the original Star Wars trilogy was some of the greatest bit of film ever to warm a screen. But what if the ensemble had been different? Your job is to come up with an alternate cast to Star Wars. Feel free to cast as many characters as you like, but all the main players need to be covered. Polls close in 72 hours.


CamiKaos said...

Holy shit!

Umm... do they need to be era appropriate???

Marsha said...

My question is the same as camikaos.

The Holmes said...

No need to be era appropriate, age appropriate, gender appropriate, or at all appropriate. You can cast Bela Lugosi as Luke and that Harry Potter kid as Leia if you want. Have some fun with it!

CamiKaos said...

my recasting can be found here:

Lance said...

Dude, that's so.... Awesome!

I love the Gibson SG. I had one and sold it for a custom made Tele. Angus Young is the greatest SG player on earth. And it is AC/DC. now that is awesome dude.

Note: After that comment, I feel 16 again. Now back to reality.

Dan said...

After very little thought here is my list.

Han: It's hard to think of a replacement for Harrison Ford, but a wisecracking Bruce Willis would be my choice.
Luke: Elija Wood (or however you spell it)
Lea: Angelina Jolie, if only to see her in the slave girl outfit in return of the jedi.
Ben: Brian Blessed, because every film should have Brian Blessed in it somewhere. Certainly wouldn't be the same portrayal Ben as Alec Guinness, but it would be great.
Yoda: My wife's grandma bore a striking resemblance, but I'll go with Fozzie Bear as they sort of sound a bit similar vocally (strange that)
R2D2: Dusty Bin (you may have to be British for that one)
C3P0: voiced by John Cleese
Chewbacca: Robin Williams (that guy is hairy)
Darth Vader: Voiced by Jack Nicolson for a slightly more twisted vader.

Whit said...

I think you only need two people to really pull it off. Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy. They can play the whole cast.

Dan said...

As long as all the characters are in fat suits whit

Dan said...

I've followed camikaos' lead:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Jonathon Morgan said...

Congrats on the well-deserved award, dude!

I vote for Dustin Hoffman in all of the characters, with Jessica Alba serving as his body double while Lea is trapped by Jabba.

Marsha said...

Ok, Holmes. Check my blog for my entry!

anthony said...

Star Wars as I would like to see it, filled with drunks.

Luke - Jack Kerouac
Han - Hunter S Thompson
Leia - Judy Garland
Obi-Wan - Charles Bukowski
Darth Vader - Ben Franklin
C3po - Ernest Hemmingway
R2D2 - Oscar Wilde
Yoda - Jim Belushi
Chewbacca - Andre the Giant
Moff Tarkin - Bill Hicks
Boba Fett - Sid Vicious
Lando - Billy Dee Fucking Williams

That's right. Billy Dee stays.