Thursday, December 14, 2006

This was actually fun

Because I'm moving and this is the only kind of blogging I have much time for:

1. Open your library on your Zen or Ipod or other MP3 player
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button

Opening Credits: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - Willie Nelson. As long as the movie's not a western, this'll work. If it's a western, it's too stupidly obvious, and I'm already sending it back to Netflix.

Waking up: The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft Inc.) - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. Ah, I see, waking up from the dreaming about cowboys in the previous song to the reality of the modern world. How...clever.

Falling in love: Lazy Dreamer - Liz Phair. Hmm, Liz Phair for the falling in love song? This movie's at least NC-17. And beautiful in a sad kind of way.

Fight song: Lonely As You - Foo Fighters. Nice.

Break up song: From the Morning - Nick Drake. Any Nick Drake song would've worked here, eh?

Making Up: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Black Flag. "Sitting here like a loaded gun, waiting to go off." This doesn't really work so much as a make-up song, but more for the scene where the broken up couple finds themselves reluctantly alone together and they end up having angry hate sex. And one of them is Henry Rollins.

Life's Okay: Shame on a Nigga - Wu-Tang Clan. I guess "life's okay" in this movie means the hero is recovered from his or her injuries, back on the street, and ready to kick some ass.

Mental Breakdown: The Tain - The Decemberists. Wow, that one's actually pretty perfect.

Driving: Toxicity - System of a Down. For the angry beat-the-steering-wheel driving scene. So is this "Office Space" or "Falling Down"?

Flashbacks: Fixation - The Coup. Here, our hero flashes back to his or her life as an underground communist hip-hop activist.

Happy Dance: Surface - Denali. Where our hero is overjoyed to watch as the world is cast permanently into various shades of gray.

Regret: It's Up To You - The Specials. If you have to feel regret, having The Specials for your soundtrack is probably your best bet. It will likely prevent you from taking your stupid regret too seriously and doing something dumb.

Final Battle: Guess Things Happen That Way - Johnny Cash. This would have been a better regret song, eh? I guess this would work if the final battle was between two lovers and one reluctantly had to kill the other, but then they missed them immediately after the fight. Yeah, I like that. Yes, this song juxtaposed over a fight...that sounds good.

Death Scene: Almost Done - Morcheeba. Oh that's nice! Let it speak for itself: "I always knew the truth, always nice to have some proof....tears run down my face as you spray me with your mace. I thank you. I'd love to cut your throat."

Final Credits: Nightshop - Fugazi. Hmmm, clearly the antihero must win out in an unexpected twist.

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Whit said...

Opening Credits: Belle & Sebastian- If She Wants Me (I feel a romantic-comedy coming on)

Waking Up: The Coral- Dreaming of You (that's pretty cool)

Falling in Love: The Beautiful Girls- La Mar (this is a very beautiful song, but it's a bit sad me thinks)

Fight Song: Ray Lamontagne- Hold You In My Arms (it's going to be a silent montage scene)

Break-up Song: The Eels- Hey Man, Now You're Really Living (freaking perfect)

Making Up: Band of Horses- I Go to the Barn (the chorus is "you were right, figures)

Life's Okay: Supergrass- Pumping on Your Stereo (life's okay and I'm dancing)

Mental Breakdown: Dr. Dog- Die, Die, Die (subtle isn't it? but again, perfect)

Driving: Nick Drake- Pink Moon (I think VW beat me to this scene)

Happy Dance: Stereophonics- Dakota (As this came on my 10 month old started dancing, so I guess it fits)

Regret: Built to Spill- Liar (this is getting creepy)

Final Battle: Mason Jennings- Ballad for My One True Love (my fights are sad and poetic- apparently)

Death Scene: Ringside- Tired of Being Sorry (so tired I'm ending it all I guess)

Final Credits: Brett Dennen- She's Mine (this actually works perfect in relation to the opening credits. I've seen worse movies)