Saturday, December 16, 2006

(almost) Completely Moved & New Thundercloud Slogan, sure to sell boatloads more sandwiches

So today was the big moving day, and I'm buttass tired. Yes, you read right: buttass. Ponder that one on your own.

For moving day lunch time (for even semi-pro movers have to eat) my moving buddy Shayne and I bopped on over to the Thundercloud Subs near the new place. This is one of the few Thundercloud franchises I had never visited before, so I was relieved to see that, like all the others in town, this one is also staffed by stoners. Stoners who know how to make kickass sandwiches. Which made me think that perhaps they need to ditch their "fresh, fast, and healthy" marketing slogan in favor of something along the lines of

"Thundercloud Subs: because only a stoner really knows how to make a sandwich."

Except as soon as I came up with that slogan, I instantly thought of three other Austin chains that could use that slogan, substituting the word "sandwich" with "pizza", "burritos", or "ice cream."

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