Sunday, October 29, 2006

Henry did something horrifying today

So Henry took an interest in our house's staircase pretty early on in life, pretty much from the time he could crawl. I watched him closely over the weeks and months while he climbed up a few steps, then back down again. Then last week, with me behind him as always to play catch in case he slipped, he made it all the way to the top of the steps completely under his own steam. As great as that accomplishment was, it was also a call to action to get a gate in place at the bottom of the steps without delay in case Henry decided to do some solo climbing whilst Mommy and Daddy both had their backs turned. Our stairs are kinda weird at the bottom, so the gate fits funny, but we managed to get it in there. We had a system in place.

Today, the system was compromised.

For you see, while playing with The Baby Henry in our living room today, I watched with amusement as he crawled away from his pile of toys towards the stairway gate. He looked at it for a few moments, as if considering. I was thinking about picking him up and lifting him over the gate to see if he felt like climbing, but before I made a move, Henry took matters into his own hands. My amusement turned to impressed horror as I watched my baby boy lift the bottom part of the gate out of his way and wriggle underneath, like a ninja slipping beneath a trip wire. Completely unaided, he made it past the gate and onto the stairs.

Oh shit.

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Daddy D said...

right there with ya!

at about 9 months my daughter started using toys to climb over the baby gates. she would drag her toys and whatnot over in front of the gate and use them to get up over the gate and head up the stairs!!!!

kids are just too smart and creative for their own good!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective