Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Henry!

It's been a crazy birthday weekend here at the Holmes house. The Henry was successfully birthdayed, and afterwards he slept like a partied out rockstar. I'm way too tired to say much beyond that, so I'll leave you with a bunch of cleverly captioned birthday party pictures to tell the story.

henry sippy mom
Mom and Henry with pre-party energy

moms grandmoms babies and a dad
Multiple conversations about babies

how life has changed
Oh how life has changed.

the cake
The cake, which wasn't actually for babies. The baby cake is unpictured, as it was slightly less photogenic and had no fire blazing over it. Seems odd in retrospect.

so many new toys
And we told people no toys. Heh. He even got a Cabbage Patch Kid?!

Buy too much beer + All your friends bring 6 packs + Nobody drinks more than two beers + Everybody leaves their beer at your house = A fridge full of beer after your son's first birthday. Aw yeah.

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