Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh it's all little pieces!

On occasion, there occur events in the life of the Holmes and his family where his wife will turn to him and instruct in a most forcible tone that the just-occured event is not to be recorded within the Holmes blog. Such as this thing that happened yesterday at the new HEB that we visited, an event which, although hilarious, I will not be recording here because I like it better when my wife is not enraged with me. It simplifies things.

But then there are events where the Holmes's wife, who is also a Holmes, whose first name is Ashley, encourages the Holmes to record the details within this humble blog. Such as the thing that happened just a few minutes ago where Ashley was about to use the blender, but noticed with her ever so keen superwoman vision, that a mosquito had taken up residence within said kitchen device. This bothered the Holmes just a bit, especially since he'd used that very blender that very morning to enmixen a concoction of dairy, juice, and fruit. Before I could get too bothered though, the Ash clamped the lid down, effectively imprisoning the winged bloodsucker. "I know where this is going," thought I, but no, actually I didn't, not exactly anyway. Because before activating the blender's blending mechanism, before engaging its tiny blades of fury, she lifted the lid ever so slightly and poured a cup of water in with the unfortunate little pest. "Nothing personal," she might have thought, "but your kind carry disease." Or not. "This is definitely something you can put in your blog" she said to me while taking a quick visual to make sure it hadn't escaped. As I walked in here to the computer to jot this bit down, I heard the engine power up. When it turned off, I heard "Where'd it....oh, it's all little pieces!" I hadn't heard so much glee since New Year's.

So that's the thing that happened today. But that thing yesterday, I'm sorry, I can't tell you about that.

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