Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Drive-thru

So here's an amusing story from my SAHD days. I found myself at home in charge of a nearly 3 month old and a timid black dog, and not a spot of coffee in the whole place. This required me to strap little dude into the car seat and head down the road to Seattle's Best to hook it up. Henry's typically okay with the car as long as it's moving at a fairly high rate of speed. It's when you slow and stop that he makes you aware of his displeasure. So we make it down the road fine, but when I'm stopped at the drive-thru, that's when the crying starts. So here's me, sitting at the drive-thru intercom, my window down, waiting to order my coffee:

Me: Hey little fella, hey there, come on.

Drive-Thru: We'll be right with you sir.

Me: Okay, no rush. Hey little fella, it's okay.

Drive-Thru: Uh, can I help you sir?

Me: Hey little guy. Yeah, I'll have a....

You can imagine the look on the guy's face when I rolled up to his window, not to mention his response when I told him I was calling the baby "little fella" and not him.

On another note, this past Thursday the Holmes stepped into 30. I must say, the 20's were some good times, but I'm glad to be here.

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