Thursday, April 03, 2008


So I left this little story in the comments of a post over at Terrible Mother's blog where she asked people to recount their embarrassing kid stories, but seeing as how the ratio of teary-eyed giggles per retelling of this story doesn't seem to be decreasing at a very accelerated rate for either Ashley or myself, I figured that perhaps it would enjoy a place in its very own post.

Ya see, Mr. Henry has this Thomas the Tank Engine video - yes, this story involves Thomas the Tank Engine, but stay with me on this one, I promise you a payoff - wherein one of the stories revolves around a friend of Thomas's, a green train named Percy. Foolish little train that he is, Percy loses control and crashes into a chocolate factory. It's a great big mess with chocolate kersplosions and everything, and at the end of it, poor Percy is completely covered in chocolate. Cute, right?

But then you take into account the fact that little Henry's pronunciation isn't always completely accurate, and you can completely understand why when two of my aunt's, Henry's great aunts, were at our house visiting, Henry asked them if they wanted to watch chocolate pussy. And why he then went on to ask me if I liked chocolate pussy.

It wasn't the first time Henry had brought up the subject of chocolate pussy. At Easter, he told everybody at his uncle's house about chocolate pussy. He likes to ask me if I'd like to watch chocolate pussy with him. He tells his mom to go get the chocolate pussy. I know it'll get old at some point, but Ash and I are 6th grade boys when it comes to this kind of thing, so that point's still way off on the other side of the horizon.

As for my aunts, I registered only the slightest of reactions with either of them, but I can tell you that I forced my laughter down and launched immediately into explanatory mode, even going so far as to jump up and grab the tape off of the shelf. "Look! It was totally innocent!"

Maturity: we needs it.


Rattling The Kettle said...

I prefer rocky road.

anthony said...

For some reason I am trying to hold back my laughter too. That is hilarious!

Steve said...

Our son used get excited when the "fire fuck" would come down the street with the lights and siren going.

sybil law said...

I love Henry!

Brett said...

Having witnessed his passion for chocolate pussy I can't hold back the tears of laughter any time I think about it.

You know that they say, once you go chocolate, milk just isn't the same.
Maybe when he grows up he'll meet it in the middle with some yellow fever a.k.a. 'scramble da egg'.

Bubblewench said...

Smart kid. Tears. Eyes. Crying laughing.

radioactive girl said...

That is way too funny! Thank you for sharing!

Keith said...

I actually have a "special" movie by that name. Your son has good taste!

(You mentioned that incident on my blog too some time ago and my wife read the comment a couple of days ago and cracked up. Clearly we're all 6th graders.)