Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Missed Opportunity

How the conversation went:

Holmes's Mom: Hey, I was just calling because I remembered today was y'all's due date. Any news?

Holmes: Nope, still no baby.

Holmes's Mom: Oh okay.

How the conversation would have gone had The Holmes been on his game:

Holmes's Mom: Hey, I was just calling because I remembered today was y'all's due date. Any news?

Holmes: Huh? Ooooh, yeah, yeah, Ashley had the baby.

Holmes's Mom: What?

Holmes: Yeah, two or three days ago.

Holmes's Mom: WHAT?!?!

Holmes: I can't remember which day exactly. We have it written down here somewhere.

Holmes's Mom: (silent disbelief).

Holmes: Sorry I forgot to call, it just sorta slipped my mind. You know how it is.

And so on and so forth. Though I doubt the conversation actually would have gone that far. After all, The Holmes's Mom did raise The Holmes, so she knows what straight-faced dubiousness he is capable of.

But as the first conversation above states, still no baby. I thought for sure that our plans to see a movie last Friday night would provide the necessary impetus for the little guy to start making his way out. I even bought the tickets in advance to give him a little extra nudge. But nope, he decided to let us sit through the whole thing, which I must say we appreciated.


Whit said...

So what did you see?

Rattling The Kettle said...

Do what I did: call the parents while the wife is actively pushing. That way, they freak out when they hear the screaming.

Julie said...

Oh, right you guys didn't go through this the first time because Henry was a few days early. Stella was only five days late, but everyone called almost daily. I cringed whenever I saw my mother's name on the caller ID. It was like they were pouring salt on my wounds and pointing out that I was huge and overdue and wanted the baby out like yesterday!

case said...

We actually DID forget to tell my mom. I had a scheduled c-section at 9am and she was got stuck in the next state (long story) and around 5 that afternoon I snapped out of my Percocet stupor. We tried to convince her that the c-section took eight hours but she didn't buy it. Probably because she's an OB-GYN nurse.

radioactive girl said...

Isn't it funny that parents thing you might forget to tell them? I had a scheduled c-section for my fourth and yet my parents called ALL THE TIME to see if I might have already had him.

That stinks that you didn't think to mess with her first though!

sybil law said...

Oh, Holmes - why weren't you more together?! That was really funny. I do that crap to my mom, too. Haha
But I am getting more anxious to hear some exciting news! Still - what movie?! Was it good?

Bubblewench said...

THat is great! Too bad you didn't pull it off.

Um, I guess NO ONE pays attention! Didn't you guys go see Atonement? I believe the misses was way into it and wanted to go that Friday.... Hope you enjoyed it!

Keith said...

I actually did that to my father when my son was born. We weren't on the best terms then. In hindsight it's very funny.