Friday, July 27, 2007

Let the Slapdashng commence

Slapdash officially kicks off in 21 minutes as of this moment. Before I get started, here's a little SDFF-related funny from my workday. One of the responsibilities of the writers is to bring along some props just to inspire everybody else. I decided to grab the badass viking hat that I keep atop my work monitor and take that with me. That thing's just crying out to be on stage. I was standing outside waiting for The Ash to pick me up from work, just me and my viking hat, when one of my coworkers walked by.

COWORKER: Nice horns.

HOLMES: Heh, yeah, I need 'em for this weekend.

COWORKER: (lasciviously) Got that kind of weekend planned, huh?

HOLMES: Heh, actually it's just a prop.

COWORKER: (more lasciviously) Props, huh?

HOLMES: Uh, nevermind.

Wish us luck!


Whit said...

doesn't sound like you need it, you horny bastard!

yer mama said...
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Anonymous said...

Great hat dude, great hat.