Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thunder Kiss '07

Henry got his first kiss today...that is, from someone who was not involved in his conception or anyone related to the responsible parties. We were in a semi-decadent grocery mood, so we stopped by Senseless Markup, er, Central Market because they gots the goodies AND because they gots a playground where the wee'uns can work off some o'that extra energy. So while The Ash shopped, The Biscuit joined the rest of the little folk on the playground. Me? I'll be honest, I sorta didn't know what to do with myself. I'm not used to Henry being able to run around on playground full of kids and hold his own. All of our park trips up to now have been with a crawling baby, so this was a somewhat different game. I tried to stick close without hovering. Go on Dad, you're embarrassin' me in front of the fellas! Soon enough I'll have to drop him off six blocks from school and leave the windows rolled up so none of his friends accidentally hear his Dad's old music.

Exaggerations one point, Henry got into a serious game of Dirt Pile with a little girl around his age. Rather than compete with separate piles though, they pooled their resources and cooperated on one massive mound. If we put our dirt together, we can make an even BIGGER pile, yo! The little girl's mom was standing nearby, and we struck up a conversation about how totally badass our kids are and how cool it was that they were exemplifying the spirit of cooperation. And that's when the lovebug must have bitten Henry on his fuzzy little head because he just reached over and gave his Dirt Pile partner a kiss. Not a speck of hesitation. So there I am standing there wondering, "Uh, is this lady about to freak cuz my kid kissed her kid? Am I about to have to pay for a cooties shot?" Fortunately, she was cool, and her response just about killed me - in an Austrian accent, she said, "What is it they call that in English? First base?" Yes ma'am, yes indeed.

Oh yeah, almost hit PUBLISH without dropping my good news on ya'll! I got an A minus on my first test! I don't really know how much letter grades matter at the graduate level, but it was still a nice feeling. Here's hoping that sets the tone for the rest of my time at the seminary.

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Jason said...

That's hilarious. I'm glad the Mom was cool, I hope I'd react that way if one of Ava's playmates planted one on her. Plus, now you have an embarrassing, I mean funny story to tell Henry's future girlfriends.

Congrats on the test.