Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How the sling got slung

So checka check it out. The Ash has been working like mad as of late, staying up while the boys in the house sleep, working weekends, etc, and her online store is now open. My friends, I present to you Little Pepper Pouches! (ahem, dot com).

So just like the website says, the whole thing came about because we wanted to do the whole sling thing, but were having a hell of a time finding any that we really dug on in which to enslingen our little dude. It seems like most of them out there are either A) impossible to use, B) uncomfortable, C) supermegauglyboring, or D) a painful combination of the above. So Ash hopped on the sewing machine and LPP was born. Yes, that's me in the picture, yes that's Ash in the other picture, and yes that's the baby Henry in both pictures.

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