Sunday, March 26, 2006

Little Quack-Quack

Henry says "Da-da" a lot. I know he's just trying out his voice and practicing the "D" sound, and that he doesn't realize what he's saying, whether he's calling for me or telling us the name of his favorite art movement. But I still like hearing him say it. He's saying it right now while he sits here with me in fact. The other night he was playing with his brightly colored plush blocks, all of which make different noises. The yellow one quacks like a, well, like a duck because what else quacks? He listened to it for a second and then starting quacking back at it. "Wa wa wa wa wa." The look that Ash and I exchanged at that moment, he might as well have said the opening lines to the Preamble of the Constitution while floating and shooting laser beams from his eyes. Except this was much much cuter.

OH! And Henry's first little human friend (don't wanna make the dog jealous, he reads this blog every day right after he checks his email) was born Friday night! Welcome to the world little Stella Lilly Thomas. Henry and his folks can't wait to meetcha.

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