Friday, March 03, 2006

Goddamnit all to fuck

So I'm listening to Eklektikos today and Mr. Aielli is talking with one of the founders of The Byrds -- you know, "Turn, Turn, Turn." And this guy, who's close to his seventies now, is playing some songs in studio with some other guy, and they of course played "Turn, Turn, Turn" because you simply don't talk about The Byrds without talking about "Turn, Turn, Turn." And man, it was just so sweet because that's such a great song, but so fucking depressing at the same time, I swear to God I damn near started crying right there in my car. I'm listening to this song and wondering, when the hell is the "time to heal" and the "time for peace" gonna come back around again? It seems like we've been stuck on "a time for war" and "a time to kill" for ages now. Way too long. Not to mention "a time to torture", "a time to send soldiers off to die in a meaningless war", "a time to roll back women's rights", and "a time to fuck the poor over in favor of the stupidly rich." And let's not forget "a time to make a joke out of democracy" or "a time to ignore an entire city going under water because they're all poor." Oh, and "a time to claim God in the name of all that is bigoted and hateful and violent." It feels like the world is getting sicker and sicker, and we just can't take a whole hell of a lot more of this shit. It's enough to cast a cloud of meaninglessness over pretty much any endeavor. I thought all this while I drove around on my lunch hour listening to this song, and got myself all melancholy, and then I went to work and forgot about it. And then tonight I remembered and wrote the above drivel, and now I'm all shitty feeling again. Shit. Fuck it.

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