Thursday, December 01, 2011

Good Day To You, Sir!

Here's how we in the Holmes household feel about the end of Movember's impact upon my face:

Subtle, no?

Both of those lightsaberish instruments you see me using there came absolutely free from the nice people at Philips Norelco, but rest assured that the opinions you see below are mine. I call them nice folks because they donated an extra $15,000 to our team, effectively doubling our team's Movember contribution, and all they asked was that we use their stuff and put it on video. Why, that's just downright friendly.

The Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer rules if for no other reason than it vacuums all the hair up as you slice it off of your face. NO MORE CLEANING UP STUBBLE OUT OF THE SINK! You can't imagine how happy this makes me. As for the SensoTouch 3D, I like the fact that it looks like a hydra, but doesn't yank the hair out of your face. Electric razor technology has clearly advanced since last I used one, many moons ago.

Okay Movember, that was fun. Now, on to writing about things other than facial hair.


sybil law said...

Wait, wait - you mean YOU actually clean the stubble out of the sink? My husband leaves his hair graveyard for ME to clean. Dammit!
Super cool of Philips Norelco!
And now you don't look all creepy. Haha :P

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought an electric razor in over a decade, I bet. Have always been a Barbasol and twin-blade kind of guy . . .