Monday, April 18, 2011

It Was So Nice Of Me To Make This Mix For You

When you put headphones in your ears and hit play, you're basically saying, "This is my bubble, and I am going to be alone in it for a while, just me and this music." Sometimes when I make this bubble, I like to be extra alone. That is, I don't want any other voices in there with me. Particularly when I'm writing and trying to make something happen with words, I just want a little soundtrack, nobody else's words rattling around in my head. When I'm in this mood, I turn to this mix that I made in my iTunes that has several days worth of instrumental music of all kinds. Super mega nice person that I am, I thought it would be fun to make a randomish mix of it for you....just me shuffling through until I picked out a nice dozen. Go listen if you want to. Below is the track list along with tweet sized, er, not sure what you'd call these....responses? that I came up with for each of them while listening. Enjoy. Or don't, whatever. 

Tipsy - "Nude on the Moon" from the album Trip Tease
You can either look up at the moon and be entranced or ignore it altogether, kind of like this song.
Blockhead - "Tricky Turtle" from the album The Music Scene
Sidewalk strolling, sun rising over rooftops, casting the city in blinding shades of beautiful. Everybody wake up.
Madvillain - "Do Not Fire!" from the album Madvillainy
Long hallway, narrow, lit only by blinking fluorescents. Unlocked rooms on either side housing the insane. The exit is chained.
Holy Fuck - "SHT MTN" from the album Latin
Awake. Up. Move. No time for mistakes. Go time, motherfuckuuuurk SKRONK! urk urk SKRONK SKRONK!
Curtis Mayfield - "Think" (Instrumental) from the Superfly soundtrack
"Everything's gonna be all right" is a lie, but there are brief periods where all is right with your little world.
Tom Waits - "Knife Chase" from the album Blood Money
Our people are everywhere, friend. Hide at the bottom of the ocean, we got a shark with our logo on his fin ready to eat you right up.
Medeski, Martin, & Wood - "Bloody Oil" from the album End of the World Party (Just in Case)
This desert's never going to let us out alive.  
The RZA - "Afro's Father Fight" from the Afro Samurai Soundtrack
*Looks up at ceiling* "Did you hear that?"
The Gaslamp Killer - "Ruskie Electric" from the album My Troubled Mind
We are at the bottom of the ocean in enemy waters and it would appear that the entire crew has been dosed with LSD. Your orders, captain?
RJD2 - "I Really Like Your Def Jux Baby Tee" from the Definitive Jux Presents II compilation
At the start of each day, she held a tiny funeral for the previous one.
El-P - "Jump Fence, Run, Live" from the album Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3
You were allotted three badass moments for this life. You’ve used none. You have ten minutes to live. Care to set up a combo?
Explosions In The Sky - “Catastrophe And The Cure” from the album All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
My favorite thing about this band is the fact that they attempt to recreate their name in every song.


sybil law said...

Yet another reason you fricking rock it hard, Holmes. Love the mix! I'll pretend it's just for me. :)

Didactic Pirate said...

Loving this. You rock with an unholy fury, Your Holmesness.