Friday, October 05, 2007

He's the Flava

Our condo is officially off the market, so it looks like we'll be here for a bit longer. Emotions are mixed, some happy, some less than thrilled, but I must say that my most immediate feeling is relief - relief that I'm not going to have to somehow manage a move in the midst of prepping for a new baby and trying to be a halfway decent student. In fact, it has occurred to me throughout this process just how insane it is to try and simultaneously prepare for a new bundle of joy while keeping your home in a perpetual state of presentableness. You might as well try to walk forwards towards something behind you.

So that's one stressor off the list. In celebration, we had the following conversation:

HOLMES: Man, I'm looking forward to being able to mess this place up again.
ASH: We don't have to do that.
HOLMES: Whatchoo talking bout? I'm gonna pee right here in the kitchen.
ASH: I'll beat you!
HENRY: I beat you!

It's like having a little Flava Flav around to reiterate your points for you.


radioactive girl said...

I remember how stressful it was when we were selling our house. I was constantly on edge and kind of snappy with everyone. This sounds like the right decision for you.

I love that conversation! Way to funny!

Dana said...

I have enjoyed being able to relax more at home since my real estate agent had a debilitating stroke and therefore can't show my house! Of course that also means that we missed out on my dream house but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

I can't even imagine trying to move while getting ready for or right after a new baby.

Tara said...

What a loltot!

Jeff said...

So was Henry just echoing Ash or was he saying he beat you to peeing on the floor?

CamiKaos said...

I would like to get some back up when telling my husband not to pee on things... you should make a tape. there may be market there.

Whit said...

We moved from Seattle to CA when Thing 1 was just a few months old. My wife drove a uhaul with two dogs, two cats and a brand new baby.

I spent the night in the middle of nowhere with our broken down Explorer.

Of course she broke down somewhere between Sacramento and L.A.. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend it.

Keith said...

Hilarious! It reminds me of when I used to visit my girlfriend in the projects... And I was just about to buy your place. Too bad. I guess I'll have to cancel the check.