Sunday, July 30, 2006


So as of late, I've been feeling like a goddamn dirty hippie. No, I haven't gone vegan or starting wearing hemp. Have you ever priced hemp clothing? That shit's for RICH hippies. No, I tell ya, I'm feeling this way because as of late, it seems like every news story I read or hear about, I inevitably find myself thinking about it in terms of love. Yes, love. How love fits into the picture. Or in many cases, the lack thereof.

Let's just take war for example, since there are so many nice ones to choose from currently. Nations do not go to war because the hearts of their leaders and their citizenry are swollen to capacity with love and good will towards their fellow earth-dwellers. Fair enough statement? Of course there are plenty of reasons for the 21st century conflicts that we're currently engaged in, ranging from the official to the factual, and it'll be interesting to see which ones the official history books will choose to adopt in the years to come. But I can't help but think that the real reasons for most any war all come down to the fact that the men who are in power that made the decision to plunge into war have no love for humankind. They love power, they love wealth, and they love destruction, and they hate anything or anyone who stands in the way.

I don't know why our leaders are this way. Perhaps it's the catch-22 of power: those who want it will do anything for it, but those who want peace are typically not interested in power.

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